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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chapecoense Tribute: 90 minutes of silence (moving images)

The tribute inside the Atletico National stadium in Colombia

The thoughts of the footballing world went out to Brazilian side Chapecoense, the players, staff, family and friends of, not just the football club, but to everyone killed on the dreadful plane crash that took so many lives.

Fox Sports in Brazil paid their own tribute with 90 minutes of silence when they were due to air the game against Colombian side Atletico Nacional in the 1st Leg of the Copa Sudamericana Final. The Colombian side have asked that the Final be awarded to Chapecoense.

Officials in Columbia have confirmed that the plane crashed through a lack of fuel, while the tributes inside the Atletico national stadium saw fans chanting for over an hour "Let's go Chape."

Moving scenes, moving images.

Chapecoense was supposed to play Atletico Nacional now. Fox Sports in Brazil airing a black screen with a hashtag "90 minutes of silence" 👏


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