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Monday, 26 December 2016

Carroll, Wimmer, Kessie


Tom Carroll
We know Bob Bradley want Tom Carroll at Swansea City bit he must be in a precarious position at Swansea, even though he hasn't been in charge very long. He is conceding goals and they simply have to buy players in January. That isn't easy if you are going to change managers. Do you back a manager you may be about to sack. David Moyes had the same problem at Manchester United, except Swansea can't afford to be relegated. Our asking price is steep though, £10 million, half of that and he might go.

Kevin Wimmer
The club have made it clear that the Austrian centre-back will not be leaving in january. That was conformed by his agent who said they would review his situation with regards to playing time in the summer. We can expect him to want to leave then.

Franck Kessie
A player half of Europe wants, ourselves included and to that end we have submitted an opening offer to Atalanta. The prices being talked about for a 20-year-old (21 next December) whio is a way off from being the finished article is ridiculous. It is the same trick WBA were trying to pull with Berahino, they wanted paying for what a player hasn't achieved yet and not payment only if he achieves performance targets.

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  1. Who makes this stuff up? I guess the media. I cannot beleive that Swansea or anybody else have any interest in Tom Carroll but I hope they do. Tom was ther on loan and despite the reports from those who know nothing his Loan spell was not a success. I was hoping it would be. Truth be told, Tom filled in when they were hit by an injury spell. He showed some skill but for the most part jogged around pointing at others and inevitablt Swansea got hammered most of the time when he played. When players got fit he was dropped to the bench and the Loan to purchase deal was declined and he was sent back to the Lane. So I guess he must have showed more in the last two years to garner interest with his 10 minute cameo appearances here and there. I prey Bob Bradley is desperate enough to take him but I would be surprised, then again he is desperate.

    1. Despite the efforts of those who know nothing? It is you who is clueless!
      He was outstanding for Swansea - which is why they were very, very keen, after only a handful of games, to buy him. When Spurs made it clear that that wasn't going to happen Swansea stopped playing him - purely on the basis that they would rather develop a player they knew they would have rather than one they couldn't buy whose loan period would be up in a few weeks. It is only because you literally know none of the circumstances other than that they suddenly stopped playing him, without any context, and that he returned to the Lane, again without any context, that you have construed it that the loan was a disaster? If the loan was a disaster why did Swansea want to make it permanent? Why have they been interested in buying him every transfer window since? Why has their coach already affirmed that they are interested in buying him this January?

      Why certain so-called fans have to hate on our young players, just because they don't turn out to be Messing within five minutes of debut, is beyond me! He may not turn out to be a top tier player, and he may not be suited to Poch's system. But he is a fine ball player. And what's more, he is Spurs through and through. He'll have a damned better career than you, that's for sure.

  2. I like Dortmund's deal that they offered for Ousmane Dembele. A suitable approach for buying renowned promising youngsters. I'd like to see us adopt it.



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