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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Best Moussa Sissoko display, now for consistency

Best Moussa Sissoko display

Moussa Sissoko probably turned in his best overall performance last night. He looked very much more like part of the team and it was good to see him build on his substitute appearance against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Perhaps the wake-up call Mauricio Pochettino delivered to him, telling him that he would have to improve and that Spurs haven't had what they expect out of him, has worked.

At Newcastle United he was criticised for downing tools or being inconsistent. At Tottenham he will have to develop consistency, which stems from the mind as much as anything else. Everyone has days where things just don't go right and equally players have days when they are more mentally switched on than others.

Concentration is something that has to be developed, it isn't just instant so improvements in that area will result in more consistent performances. no resting on your laurels yet Mr. Sissoko. If he does now start proving consistency then he'll be like having a new signing for the second half of the season.

Very good team performance and result tonight ! Thanks a lot fans, your support was amazing !

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