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Friday, 2 December 2016

An overreaction to the Chelsea defeat

Former Arsenal and England central defender Martin Keown, writing for the Daily Mail, suggests people are overreacting to Spurs defeat at Chelsea.

“People are overreacting with Tottenham. They weren't a million miles away at Stamford Bridge and in the first half they did to Chelsea what teams have not been able to in the last few weeks. 
“After playing at the Emirates a few weeks ago it was another difficult away game — and don't forget that by playing at Wembley, they are playing on the road every time they play in the Champions League! 
“You get results like this after playing in Europe and have respect for teams who have played Champions League football for a number of years and had to manage their energy levels. 
“Tottenham possibly don't want to fall into the Europa League as it may hinder their chances of qualifying for the Champions League next season.”

We have had the toughest start to the season of any of the top six, we are the only team to have played all the top four from that group and we have done so while we have had a series of injuries to key players. Things should be looked at in context, now is not the end of the season.


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