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Monday, 5 December 2016

£3,000 if we draw or lose, £7,000 if we win

The Daily Star are still trying to make a drama out of Hugo Lloris and Tottenham being in no rush to finalise his new contract, which he will sign in due course. Mauricio Pochettino revealed there isn't any problem and that it would be signed in a few weeks time last week.

Words like desperate don't need to be used and are done so just to dramatise a situation that isn't in any way a drama.

Football Leaks reveal our kipper is paid a bonus if we draw or lose of £3,500 which a club spokesman has said is merely an appearance fee that is doubled to £7,000 if we win. It is just another element of a contract that shows why these things are so complicated and take time to finalise with existing players or potential transfer targets.

It isn't like a contract is discussed every day to agree, talks take place and then further talks are scheduled at a later date. To a reporter a standard way of working is somehow a near crisis.


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