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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

We should tun up tonight

Victor Wanyama is looking forward to the must win game tonight and fortunately, we are away from home and two poor performances at Wembley. Those supposed fans who want us to lose need their heads tested. Hardly true fans at all.

Game day

When we played Monaco in the UEFA Europa League they held no fears and we should easily have beaten them at their place, but yet again our finishing wasn't up to par and we gifted them an equalising goal.

At Wembley, they looked an improved outfit, although that may have been helped by us being so poor. Defensively we were all at sea and we simply gifted them two goals to give ourselves an uphill task we couldn't complete.

In this Champions League campaign it is difficult to know how we will perform, we were excellent away to Bayer Leverkusen for 45 minutes and then we weren't in the game, while we beat CSKA Moscow by a solitary goal we had to wait a while for. being away we should turn up tonight, the worry id the home tie.


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