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Sunday, 27 November 2016

We missed Toby Alderweireld

Against Monaco the Tottenham defence were all at sea and Kieran Trippier couldn't prevent crosses coming all the time. Against Chelsea it was centrally where we game too much room to Pedro for his goal that got Chelsea back into the game and went a long way to ending our unbeaten run.

Eric Dier should have been tighter, but he is a relative novice in the position in the Premier League, we missed Toby Alderweireld in that instance and we missed Danny Rose, who should never have got himself booked in the last game in the opposition half. That was plain daft.

When you control a game as we did in the first half you need to be taking a lead into the break, one minor lapse in concentration and all the good work was undone. Conte could then make adjustments and the game changes, suddenly we were the team under pressure and a new back four were disjointed at times.

The game did show us we can compete with the best, we just have to maintain our motivation against other teams to ensure we get the results to counteract losses like this.


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