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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Walker has cut his assist time in half

Another Spurs Stat Man statistic reveals the improvement in Kyle Walker's game this season.

Kyle Walker has averaged an assist every 459 minutes in the Premier League this season, compared with every 981 minutes last season.

He has been one of our better players and together with Danny Rose probably forms the best full-back partnership in the Premier League right now. Gone are the days when a right-back was a defender, now he is an attacker with defensive responsibilities and in the last game against Arsenal at the Emirates he played as a wing-back. Quite frankly that's how he plays all the time.

He is now getting out to opponents quicker and is keeping more of them trapped on the sideline where they can do little damage. Defensively his game has improved, his passing has improved and mentally his decision making has improved enormously.

He is one of our experienced players now and seems far more confident on the ball, less inclined to give it away when under pressure. We'll need him on his game for the West Ham trip so let's hope he is fully over the injury problem he seemed to be carrying against Arsenal.


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