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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Top 4 obsession is justified

IF we took the Europa League seriously we could win it. As the FA Cup. The obsession with finishing in the top 4 will be our downfall.

The issue here is that the UEFA Champions League progresses the club and allows us to start competing on more equal terms and thus improve our chances of winning trophies regularly.

The FA Cup for instance doesn't. It is a trophy and we all want them but it does nothing to progress us. If it comes at the expense of the Champions League then it is holding us back. The Champions League and thus the top 4, will and should always be the number one priority, success and winning trophies has to come with that, not instead of it.

Long term success and building to regularly win trophies is more important than a short-term trophy win, although winning something does also give a boost. It just has to be achieved within the overall strategy for the club.


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