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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Spurs have a problem at Wembley

Roger Schmidt, the Bayer Leverkusen coach, is under pressure with his side sitting 10th in the Bundesliga having won four, lost four and drawn one. In nine games they have scored 13 goals and let in 13 goals.

Journalist and author Raphael Honigstein (he is the German football correspondent for The Guardian) was asked his opinion on the BT European Football Show.

"It's an absolutely huge game because they gave themselves not enough of a chance after playing so well for the first two games. They took those leads against CSKA Moscow and away to Monaco. Two draws, the third draw, which was decent result against a very strong Spurs side at home. 
"Now they still, after 3 games are without a win on the board and this is a team that wants to definitely qualify for the next round, that took Atletico Madrid to penalties a couple of years ago and did really well. They need to get the results that are really in line if you look at the quality of the squad they have at their disposal."

When James Richardson suggested to him that they are excited about playing at Wembley he simply replied that they were 'very' excited. That highlights a problem Spurs have, teams raise their game because it is Wembley. Wembley means something in world football, it is not just another venue.

Against Monaco the players didn't raise their game, some were not focussed on the game in the way they should have been, the occasion got to them. This will be a big test against a decent side who press well. We will need to be on top of our game for this one.


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