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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Spurs have had the hardest start of the Top 6

Have Tottenham had the hardest start to the season of any of the top six clubs?

We have played Liverpool (2nd), Manchester City (3rd), Arsenal (4th) and Chelsea (1st), currently the top four in the Premier League in the first 13 games when we have had injuries. manchester City by comparison, currently in third place haven't played any of the top four yet.

Chelsea have played Liverpool (2nd), Arsenal (4th), Manchester United (6th) and Spurs (5th).
Liverpool have played Spurs (5th), Arsenal (4th), Chelsea (1st) and Manchester United (6th).
Manchester City have only played Manchester United (6th) and Spurs (5th).
Arsenal have played Liverpool (2nd), Chelsea (1st), Spurs (5th) and Manchester United (6th).

All is not doom and gloom at the moment, the result at the end of the season is all that matters, not where we are now. Our opponents have some tough games to play, with our players returning from injury we should bring them back towards us as the season progresses.


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