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Friday, 4 November 2016

Spurs are poor relations in European TV money

The excellent Swiss Ramble have tweeted a few UEFA statistics on European TV revenue each club receives from the Champions League and the Europa League.

received more money (€84m) than any other club. Same story for (€38m) in Europa League.

The first one shows the graphic difference between UEFA Champions League money and UEFA Europa League money. We made €20.9m compared to Manchester City making €83.9m, even though they only made the semi-final.

Had we advanced further we would still have only picked up €1m for the next round and €1.5m for making it to the semi-final.

It is important for our revenue to be in the Champions League, but we face an uphill struggle to qualify from the group and could be dumped into the Europa League or worse, no competition at all. Our final home game may determine that. Our performances at Wembley are a worry for next season.


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