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Monday, 14 November 2016

Spurs 29 game unbeaten streak when who starts?

Tottenham Hotspur have not lost a game Mousa Dembele has started since August 2015 Spurs Stat Man tells us on Twitter. That run consists of 29 games in which we have won 16 of them and drawn 13.

If ever there were a statistic to reveal the importance of a player that is it. We have started the season unbeaten so clearly we can perform without him, but he does add something to our midfield, the ability to go past a man consistently. It was his dribbling drive into the box that won us the penalty against Arsenal and is perhaps something he should do more of given his close control ability.

The key is that he keeps his body and his foot between the ball and the opponent. To be tackled the opponent has to play through him which results in a free kick. You must keep the ball away from the opponent when dribbling, pushing it closer to him gives him a greater chance of winning a tackle and stopping you in your tracks.

Dembele is an expert at shielding the ball with makes the dribbling and beating a man aspect easier for him. He is suffering a few niggles, as he always seems to have done and is in the midst of one now, along with a multitude of other players.


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  1. Didn't he start against Leverkusen two weeks ago?



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