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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sack Pochettino - the thought shouldn't even enter your head

Don't think its right to call for Poch's head. Bang some heads together (him included) yes. Hopefully this hurts them as much as it hurts us

Seriously? I'm astounded that anyone even has to mention Pochettino in these terms. It shouldn't even enter anybody's head. I can only assume this is in response to Tweets seen, but banging heads together isn't going to achieve anything and it fails to grasp that we are in the middle of a building process, the club, the squad isn't the finished article, we all know that, or we should.

Why do fans think we have been chasing quality players like Isco to add to our ranks? Just because we know we need to doesn't mean we can automatically buy someone, a player has to want to come to Tottenham, they can't be forced.

Knee-jerk reactions are never helpful, part of progressing is handling disappointment. Nobody or no team has ever been successful without failure first. You take the lessons from failure, learn and grow. All this European campaign has done is reinforce what we already know and are working on.

Doom and gloom doesn't progress a club, a calculating assessment does and fortunately we have a manager who acts in that manner, even if some fans can't see that that is how eventual success is achieved.


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