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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Pochettino would coach Real Madrid

Sky Sports Spanish football expert Guillem Balague has talked in his latest column about the different mentalities of Barcelona and Real Madrid, together with the possible future of our own manager Mauricio Pochettino.
Barcelona, says Balague, have not only to win but with with a certain style. Real Madrid on the other hand just see winning as important. Both clubs have a winning mentality but come at it from different directions.

He talks about Real Madrid manager Zinidine Zidane having his players switched on to what they are doing and playing with intensity, something we need to ensure we do on a more regular basis at Tottenham.

Barcelona he feels, simply rely on the front three, suggesting the midfield three and runners who don't control games. They are playing more long balls into space than ever before which doesn't play to the strengths of some quality midfielders.

We have seen Pochettino use that tactic in games as well, playing more long balls than usual. WE have clearly been seeing this season that he is employing different tactics for different opposition, a back three at Arsenal for instance.

He was asked a question on Twitter by @Shaan__amoes

Question: Do Barcelona need a coach who is tactically better than Luis Enrique? Someone like Maurico Pochettino or Thomas Tuchel?

Answer: "I don't think a tactically better manager is the problem, I think the problem is that Luis Enrique believes in the Barcelona that we have seen lately, more direct, depending exclusively on the front three, and he clearly believes that it is the way forward, partly because of the players he has but partly because his way of thinking is closer to that style.

"Tell me which coach wouldn't give those players the authority and the leadership. They all would but when that happens, unless you work really hard, you lose a lot of things and other stuff that make teams stronger. I don't think Luis Enrique has worked that hard to make the team more controlling or the automatisms - the things teams do without even thinking.

"Tuchel doesn't fit Barcelona I don't think but Pochettino does. He has close links to Espanyol and I think if he did coach someone in Spain, it would be Real Madrid."

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