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Monday, 21 November 2016

Pochettino is right

Three reasons Tottenham fans should really hope they lose to Monaco.

That headline sums up Football Fancast and why it is such a diabolical website. What right minded Spurs fan wants the club out of the UEFA Champions League?

How are we going to improve as a club if we don't play against the best opposition, test ourselves and learn from the experience?

Clearly the author of this piece has never achieved anything, that is clear from the defeatest attitude. Such an attitude is the opposite of that required to be successful. If we can't handle the Champions League and the Premier League, how are we going to handle it next season or the season after.

It is imperative we remain in the Champions League and progress to the knockout stages, especially as there is a break from the competition in 2 games time until February. Fortunately, Mauricio Pochettino doesn't have such a defeatist attitude and believes the opposite is true, so do I and so should you.


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