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Thursday, 17 November 2016

NLD Tactical Analysis and Referee Review


An excellent Tactical Analysis Article of the recent draw in the North London derby against bitter rivals Arsenal away at the Emirates.

A different article from an Arsenal evaluating Mark Clattenburg in the North London Derby. Who has evealuated them though and are they a qualified referee interpreting the law as it has been defined to them. Almost certainly not, whish rather negates the conclusions, which are probalby liased anyway.
Ref Review

Our defence stood firm under pressure and we only conceded one goal at the Emirates. Over time we have become a very solid unit, as opposed to the pourus one Pochettino inherited. You can't build sustainable success on a porous defence, it simply puts more pressure on the attackers to score more goals than the opposition and is disheartening when you continually have to score another.

How have the Premier League top 6 compared for clean sheets this season therefore?
The Top 6

  1. Liverpool 1 clean sheet
  2. Chelsea 6 clean sheets
  3. Manchester City 2 clean sheets
  4. Arsenal 4 clean sheets
  5. Tottenham Hotspur 5 clean sheets
  6. Manchester United 4 clean sheets



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