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Friday, 25 November 2016

Making the home of football our home

Rhe pure guesswork of newspapers was exposed when one claimed Tottenham were considering leaving Wembley if we drop into the UEFA Europa League by finishing third in our UEFA Champions League group.

It is rather nieve of a journalist to think that Spurs had not already discussed that and what they would do in that eventuality before the tournament even began, indeed before negotiations began with Wembley.

Mauricio Pochettino insists Spurs will play their games at Wembley, which is the obvious thing to do to acclimatise ourselves to the venue for next season. It is imperative we are comfortable there and clearly at the moment we are not.

We have to accept that every opposition team will raise their game playing at Wembley, all the European opponents have expressed how privileged they are to be playing there, it is after all the home of football. We have to make it our home and the Europa league ties will help us get that feeling to a greater extent than we have it now.


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