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Monday, 21 November 2016

Kane repeating the ,mantra

The pathetic gutter press continue to try to unsettle Harry Kane and pretend there is a chance of him leaving Tottenham if he isn't given a massive wage. We had all the fake Christian Eriksen stories with the press making up figures and it is probably the same in this case.

It is irrelevant what other clubs might want to pay him, money is not his prime motivating factor, indeed money rarely is a prime motivating factor for anyone successful. A Manchester United offer of £70-million isn't going to be anywhere near enough to tempt Mauricio Pochettino to part with him, there would have to be a world record fee to even look at the offer. Besides, Manchester United is currently a step-down, just look at the Premier League table again. They haven't competed since Sir Alex Ferguson left, I don't think most people realised how dependent they were on him.

Inter Milan and AC Milan are the latest to be reported as being interested in making a marquee signing, both clubs recently being taken over by Chinese investors. Very few English players go abroad with all the money and exposure in the Premier League and they aren't big enough profile clubs anymore anyway.

A striker who scores as Harry does consistently is gold dust. When you have one you simply do not let them go. Harry is a Spurs lad, he came through our academy and has an affinity with the club, he is a marketing man's dream and can generate millions for the club.

"I'm happy at the club. A lot of people are going to speculate about contracts but I am happy - you saw me out there [on Saturday]. 
"There's not many better feelings than being at White Hart Lane and scoring in a London derby. So yeah, I am happy at the club and want to be here for a long, long time."

Kan has never said anything else, he has consistently told the press and TV shows that he has no intention of leaving Spurs and wants to stay for a long time. Nobody in the press seems to listen though.


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