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Monday, 14 November 2016

Kane, a mountain out of a mole hill

I see Neil Ashton of the Sun is trying to create a story where none exists, reading something into a situation that isn't there.

manchester United and Chelsea are not on alert over Harry Kane and his contract talks. These things take months to sort out and there is no rush with a player who has only recently signed a new contract. It is the usual mountain out of a mole hill reporting from the gutter press.

Apparently, it is a massive concern for Spurs fans he tells us, when in fact it is no concern at all. Kane has made it abundantly clear again and again he has no intention or desire to leave his home, Spurs. A reported £70-million bid from Jose Mourinho will not be enough to tempt Spurs to sell, a quality striker is like goal dust, when you have one you have to keep hold of them or you start at the beginning again.

Of course it may be that no talk have even taken place yet since he signed the last one, that's what Sky reporters say.


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