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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Kane, Kane, Kane, Kane, Kane

The penalty on Sunday was Harry Kane's 5th goal in 4 Premier League games against Arsenal, he has scored 5 of our last 6 goals against them, the other being by Toby Alderweireld.

The England striker admits the injury has helped his body get some much needed rest and explained to the press how he had coped during his enforced 7-week break.

“I never want to be injured or missing games but, when you get injured, you have to look at the positives to help you. It gave me six or seven weeks off to rest the other muscles that haven’t been rested in a while, so it’s been good. I got fit, I made sure I stayed healthy. 
“I had a break early on when I first got injured and I went away. But, after that, there were double sessions in the gym and outside to maintain my health and fitness so that, when I was called on like at Arsenal, I was ready for it. I felt fine out there. I have been working hard to be ready and I wouldn’t have been out there if I wasn’t feeling good enough. I’m happy with it. I still need to get some match fitness but I was delighted to be out there and to score. 
“Watching has been difficult, especially with the team going through a bit of a spell where we haven’t been winning games. It’s hard. It’s like watching my family: I just want to be out there helping them. 
“But it’s part of it. I was there training with the team, I was around them. It has been a difficult spell for us but we came out against Arsenal and played very well. We could have even nicked it. Whenever I’m on the pitch I feel confident. I had a header in the first half which went just wide, an effort at the back post which I didn’t get the best contact on and I obviously scored a penalty. It was great to be back in those situations and to be back among the goals.”

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