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Monday, 21 November 2016

Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy!

Before the West Ham game I wrote about the rise of Harry Winks, unaware that he would be handed his first premier League start for us, in such an important game as well.

After so many draws we needed to get back on track with a win and it didn't matter how it came about. Just like a striker short of goals, the duck has to be broken, whether by skill or luck really doesn't matter, it lifts a weight off the shoulders.

Harry Winks must have had a weight on his shoulders, but in these circumstances you have to have a positive mentality and look at the game as an opportunity to impress, rather than be bogged down by fears of letting the side down.

“I liked it a lot when he came in the changing room to say thank you to all of us, to the coaches. 
“That was fantastic for all the people who work in the academy. He said to us only that is the start. I said, ‘Come on, now, this is a big challenge’. He said, ‘Yes, now I need to work hard but to try to show that I deserve to play’. That is the mentality we want. 
“It is true that he needs to be happy now and enjoy the moment but he needs to know that all that comes in the future will be difficult. To keep that level is the most difficult thing. 
“It is very difficult to get in the first team. But it is more, more, more, more difficult to keep your position in the first team. We can see a lot of examples. Now it is up to him.”
He has clearly overtaken Tom Carroll in the pecking order which should be a kick up the backside for him, but he just doesn't seem to have the mentality to be a top four player. Skill is not enough in football, without the mentality you are at times a liability. everybody can have a bad game, but there is no excuse for having the wrong mentality, fortunately, Harry Winks seems to have the right one.

Harry Kane, Harry Winks, have we got any more Harry's in the academy!


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