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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Graham Roberts "stop listening to idiots"

We have a great team good players at the moment we've had injuries,poch will get it right stop listening to these idiots on Talksport drive

Now there is a Spurs man with some common sense, a section of supporters need to take note. One commenter was complaining that he had heard we are rebuilding for too long, but we have only been rebuilding since 2014 when Pochettino arrived.

He has his own ideas that match the club strategy. Each new manager at any club wants to build his own team and that does not happen in a year or two years. He has to offload all the players he doesn't want and then the players who have not or are not going to make the grade.

He can't simply buy players in while he still has deadwood at the club and he has to wait for the players he wants to become available. Some fans seem to think that if a club wants to buy a player it is automatic that they can, which is of course complete rubbish.

If a supporter can't see we have a young developing team and are building a squad then they are either blinded by their anti-Levy agenda and resulting distorting of the current facts or they lack a basic understanding of the game and how to build a successful squad, or indeed any form of success in any field.

One despairs at how limited their thinking is and the failure traits they keep demonstrating. In 5 years time they will be in exactly the same position in their lives and still moaning. To change an outcome you have to change what you do. To do that you have to use an open mind, a closed one keeps you where you are.

It isn't just talkSPORT who are idiots, unfortunately a clueless section of our fans are too. Thank goodness there are far more sensible ones, like former skipper Graham Roberts.


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