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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Differing Sturridge stories


Daniel Sturridge is a player with plenty of injuries and plenty of talent. When he partnered Luis Suarez in the Liverpool attack he was excellent, however, when you see him playing for England he is greedy and doesn't seem to want to pass to better placed teammates.

He knows where the goal is, but doesn't score enough goals from the chances he has. You still feel that at 27-years-old (28 next September) he could still improve as a player under the right manager. That isn't going to be Jurgen Klopp who seems to have decided there are better players at Liverpool for his system.

That does raise questions about his work rate and defending from the front. If he isn't perceived good enough to play the Liverpool press should he be considered good enough to play the Tottenham press? I read on Twitter a Liverpool fan calling him world class, that is way off the mark, he isn't anywhere near world class, an international player yes, but world class is another level altogether.

It certainly seems that Sturridge wants to leave Liverpool for regular football, which may play into the hands of a club with no European football, but you would have thought he would want to move to a club with a chance of winning something and who play European football each season.

Some reports suggest he wants to join Tottenham, other reports suggest he would be happy to join anyone as long as he is playing. Yet more reports claim his salary is £200,000-a-week, which would be ridiculous if true and make him unsaleable without a halving of his wage, not something most players would agree to. The whole lot sound like complete guesswork and yes that is guesswork on my account.


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