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Monday, 21 November 2016

Cash strapped Galatasaray may have to sell Bruma


Reports from several Turkish media outlets suggest that 22-year-old (23 next October) Portuguese winger Bruma may well be leaving cash-strapped Galatasaray possibly as early as January.

Glaatasaray's problems were demonstrated when they were not allowed to compete in European competition this season. Clubs have to comply with Financial Fair Play rules and Galatasaray did not. Thus selling players could be exactly what the club needs and it is in their interests therefore to have plenty of clubs interested in their star players.

That is the case with Bruma, although you never know how much of that is the club releasing names to the media to give the impression of a lot of interest. That is how the media game is often played. Certainly reports that Mauricio Pochettino is willing to pay XYZ amount are going to be invented.

As every club does, Spurs will try to get the player as cheap as possible, if we are after him in January, the selling club will use the media, as undoubtedly they are in this case, to suggest a high price and try to force the base figure higher.

We have scouts regularly watching him play, so our interest is real, whether that translates into official bids is another matter.


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