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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bridging the gap


This season has seen Mauricio Pochettino build on the work he did last season and has shown that it takes more than a season to impress on players a style of play to a standard that can produce results. It took Brendan Rogers a season at Liverpool before they finished second.

In the first season he finished 5th and was runners-up in the Carling Cup and in his second season 2nd in the Premier League and passage into the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly said that our Argentinian is the best manager in the Premier League, time will tell but it has certainly been a great start, given the whole culture needed to change at the club. He has created a young exciting side that will improve by staying and playing together.

He has the backing of Daniel Levy who has found the man he has been looking for for the last 10 years. A host of draws and a lengthy injury list can't hide the fact that we have some 'make do' players and need a further upgrade to take yet another step forward. 

Alternatively, we need the players to produce more performances akin to the Manchester City defeat. Perhaps they were more motivated for that game than other games, another issue to resolve for the coaching staff.
The new stadium is going to increase our revenue significantly. There are 55 boxes in the new stadium and only two remain unsold. Each one is a 10-year contract worth £220,000-a-season to the club. Seats near the tunnel are going for £22,000-a-season and the Sky lounges are being sold at between £5,000 and £7,000 each per season.

The H Club will be offering catering and the club have plans in place to receive a Michelin star, prices will be in the £17,000 region. The 20 seats at £2,500 have been sold and so have the £6,000 seats sitting  close to Daniel Levy.

There will be income from the NFL games and concerts, while there are already several boxing bouts agreed for the new venue. Boxing will be returning to White Hart Lane.

We have a huge gap to make up on the five richer teams, this stadium is going to go a way to bridging that gap. It can't arrive quick enough.


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