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Monday, 14 November 2016

Big game for West Ham, just another game for Spurs


West Ham United striker Ashley Fletcher has spoken to their official website and revealed the difference West Ham place on the Tottenham game and that Tottenham place on it

“This is a game where we want to come away with the three points. As soon as I joined West Ham I was made aware that Tottenham is one game that the fans look forward to. We will be doing everything we can to win and hopefully, it will propel us up the league.”

To West Ham it seems this is their biggest game of the season, to Spurs fans it is just another game against a London team, Arsenal of course, are our big rivals. Whenever you hear from West Ham fans though they can't seem to accept that fact.



  1. Tottenham Tottenham , big hairy bottom ,
    Your gonna finish below Arsenal like you do each year ,

    1. Look out your mum's coming! Naughty boy!

  2. A note to all West Ham and Chelski fans!! We don't give a shit about you!! For us its only the Arsenal that's a derby! Get over it already!

  3. Most are feigning injury to get back for the game , opting out of a international friendly ! Not a big game ? Let's see how many play , its like watching a south american side always going down looking for penalties ! Rose , Jenson , lamella , Kane , Ali , all divers lol. I've heard west ham fans are taking number plaques to the game to judge the diving !!!

  4. Just hope the Hammers fans behave themselves properly

  5. i hear they want to pull the councle house down and rebuild a fit for football stadium good luck with that one stick to a boxing gym

  6. "councle"???

    We don't need no ejukashun



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