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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea the most expensive ticket prices

The BBC have revealed their annual findings of their 'Price of Football Study' the sixth time they have undertaken the research. It reveals that Spurs fans are paying more than almost all of their Premier League counterparts to watch their favourite club.

Three quarters of the ticket prices have been reduced or frozen in England and Scotland since last season, but there are plenty of associated costs that bump up the cost of attending a football game and bring revenue into the club or the stall holders outside, who presumably pay the council for their pitch. Do the club get a small cut? Unlikely given it is outside the ground.

All Premier League clubs agreed this season to cap away prices at £30 (€34.86 - AUS$49.99 - US$37.34) while receiving approximately £30-million (€34.86m - AUS$49.99m - US$37.34m) extra each from the new £8-billion (€9.31bn - AUS$13.35bn - US$9.97bn) TV deal.

That may sound a lot but soon gets eaten up with wages. Just look at how parachute payments don't always help relegated clubs, some still sink a division lower or even two in some cases.

Incredibly the Championship is more expensive than the Premier League for away fans now! There is no agreed cap in the Championship.

If you go back, youngsters used to get in for free, now even a three year old has to pay for a ticket, even though they will not be taking up a seat. As a parent you would have them on your lap, they used to be on your shoulders or standing on a box and every fan looked out for them and looked after them when they were celebrations over a goal. If you are bringing a family to a game it is ridiculously expensive.

Replica football shirts are another income earner and the cost of a child's shirt is around £40 (€46.48 - AUS$66.70 - US$49.84) now, prices that are increasing year after year.

The top three most expensive season tickets are all in London - Arsenal (£2,013), Spurs (£1,895) and Chelsea (£1,250), but these are all frozen from 2015.

One thing the study doesn't do though is look at the cost of living in each area and compare the cost of a ticket percentage wise to see who is paying the most in comparison. London is always going to be more expensive as it costs more to live their and the wages are higher.


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