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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

8 through balls in 11 games isn't enough

This statistic and Tweet from Squawka outlines the problem we have been having in front of goal, we simply don't play enough through balls to give our striker or other midfielders a chance to score.

Alexis Sánchez has attempted more through balls in the Premier League this season (23) than: Chelsea (22) Man Utd (22) Tottenham (8)

We have fallen into the trap of possession and waiting for a gap to appear. Eight through balls in 11 games is ridiculous, that balance has to be readjusted. The attacking three must take the responsibility for that.

There is always a fine line between having a solid defence and a potent attack, more attacking can leave a team open to conceding more goals. Last season we had the balance under control, this season we haven't.

We have the possession, however, we do little with it and are testing goalkeepers less and less. What shots we do have, quite frankly, keepers should save, we aren't really testing them with anything too difficult.


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