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Monday, 17 October 2016

Why Wimmer will not cover for Alderweireld

Tottenham will look to Eric Dier to step into the Toby Alderweireld position on the right-hand side of the centre-back pairing because he is right-footed.

Fans calling for Kevin Wimmer have totally missed the fact he is left-footed and thus would be called upon to keep using his wrong foot thus maximising the chances of an error. You see it all the time, players go for the ball with the wrong foot and while it may be only a small point to some, it is an important one for a team challenging at the top.

Every little detail and edge matters and when he was bought Pochettino felt he could develop into an excellent centre-back, despite him having to cover at right-back. Since then he has moved into the defensive midfield position he played at Sporting rather successfully.

Cameron Carter-Vickers who is learning his trade will get his next game against Liverpool in the League Cup at Anfield on 25 October I expect.



  1. Nemanja Vidic is one of the greatest Centre backs the premier league has ever seen and he played on the left hand side whilst being right footed....

  2. Yes that is why he replaced him vs Kichee at 45mins.Some of you "experts" really do scare me. The CCD in a back three can be L or R footed (preferably both in an ideal world) and only the RCD and the LCD have to have matching feet FGS!



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