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Thursday, 13 October 2016

What hammer blow

Apparantly, it is a hammer blow that Mousa Dembele faces an extended period, perhaps a massive 2 weeks, on the sideline according to Football Insider, the website who like to deal in sensationalist headlines.

They may have not noticed that Mousa Dembele hasn't been playing this season and we are second in the Premier League as the only unbeaten side left and have just beaten the league leaders and team everyone was tipping for the title, with some speculating they will go through the season unbeaten.

Perhaps they haven't noticed we haven't conceded a goal from open play without Dembele this season and are just 45 minutes away from setting a new Premier League record. Perhaps they are unaware that when he does return he will have had a good long rest after the summer and be fresh for the second half of the season.

Apparently, he is one of our most important players which makes me wonder how wee have survived without him, the guys must be putting in superhuman efforts. People do like to go overboard and sensationalist headlines are what you associate with the clueless gutter press.

Football is a squad game, not a team game, no one man carries more importance than the team as we have demonstrated this season. Some people need to catch up with that fact.

The Belfast Telegraph have it more accurately with their headline 'Tottenham's Mousa Dembele suffers fresh setback with foot injury'. It is a setback, it isn't a hammer blow. The Independent talk of a setback, ITV talk of a setback


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