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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Wenger for England

For me he seems the obvious choice, he has been in this country for 20 years and there is no denying he is a quality manager who has been there and done it over a period of time. The England post is there for him if he wants it.

According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal director Ivan Gazidis Arsene Wenger will not be issued a new contract when his runs out in the summer. As ever with contract negotiations you have to take all this with a pinch of salt, there is plenty of posturing that goes on when contracts are due. The players are suggesting they think their boss will be at the club next season, who do you believe.

If he were to leave Arsenal then the club would then be at a crossroads, the same crossroads that Manchester United didn't handle very well.  if he does go then that will be good news for England who have a dearth of candidates who could take on the job and improve us.

Danny Rose gives him his backing and why not, club rivalry goes out the window when it comes to England and he looks head and shoulders above any other candidate quite frankly.


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