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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We must avoid an England hangover

The England performance highlighted the problem that occurs when everyone hasn't learnt how to play a system.

The Tottenham and Liverpool pressing game works because everyone knows their role and the role of the teammates. They know where players are going to be, they can anticipate where they are going to run. The off-the-ball game is more important than the on-the-ball game. The movement allows the team to play.

If one or two cogs of that machine are not functioning then it falls to pieces and that was the case with England. Nobody knew what anyone else was going to do. Some players were pressing and others weren't. Some were moving into space to receive a pass and some weren't.

The system requires a centre-forward who can also hold up play and bring others into the game, particularly the wide men cutting in. Daniel Sturridge can't play that role, his first touch is poor, he is totally left-footed and all he is concerned with is himself. He was a total liability last night, England were carrying him. Jamie Vardy would have been a far better choice, but then we do have an interim manager whose only managerial achievement is to get what was then a mid-table club in Middlesbrough relegated.

Playing with players who don't know what they are doing drags everyone down and affects the whole team. England are a mess and that mess was created by Roy 'Clueless' Hodgson appointed by a clueless RA who rate Southgate because England Under-21's beat nobodies to qualify for major finals, where we flop against any decent opposition. How is that a CV for a national manager?

Fortunately, the Spurs players can return to their clubs and not be dragged down by the national side. They will have to get the feeling back, the mentality back in the next few days before the WBA game so we do not have a hangover.


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