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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Walker turned a corner

Kyle Walker  gave his thoughts to the Spurs official website and the change in his thought process came through, You just need to play the game, not the occasion he said. Previously, season after season Spurs have played the occasion at the end of a season and quite frankly simply bottled it.

The players didn't know how to change that, they were doing the same thing season after season and getting the same results. Gary Neville called Danny Rose and Kyle Walker unreliable 2/3 years ago in all aspects of their game, not just on the pitch with a ball at their feet.

He has seen a change in Walker and his performance against Manchester City was a demonstration that he has turned a mental corner. The lapses, the bad balls weren't there, he was totally on his game as he has generally been all season.

Kyle Walker

On post-match emotions 
“It’s always good to get a victory before the international break but I think we needed to prove a point today with them going on an unbeaten run and I think we’ve done it in the right fashion. You just need to play the game and not the occasion. We know they’ve got good players and we respect them but apart from that it’s a game of football, it’s 90 minutes with 22 men on the field and we came out on top which is what we all wanted.”

On changes to the line-up following CSKA Moscow 
“You know how the gaffer likes to rotate his squad and we’re all in it as a team. I thought we showed good character, Danny (Rose) was coming back from a hamstring injury and he lasted 90 minutes out there so credit to the fitness coaches and the medical staff for working on him. Long may these performances continue.”


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