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Monday, 24 October 2016

Walker is positive

Kyle Walker has become Mr. Consistant at Tottenham now with top quality performances week-in-week-out. Where before his head might wander, he stays switched on and focused on the game now. Mentally he has gone to another level and we see the results in his performances.

Any fan can take that message and improve their life. You simply have to see what you want, determine how to get it and act in a manner that you already have it. You can do that by watching how people act, or speak and introduce traits into your own personality.

Certainly if you speak with authority you will be seen as one, but there will always be those who want to drag you back down to their level. If you look at previous Spurs sides, they were going through the motions, staying in their comfort zones. Dembele was a prime example.

A change in approach, a realization that if you don't change your mentality you won't be at the club worked wonders on the likes of Walker, Rose and Dembele.

On speaking to the official Spurs website Walker, as winners do, looked for the positives after the draw with Bournemouth this weekend.

On Hugo's latest heroics 
"Full credit to Hugo, he’s a top-class goalkeeper and he shows it week in, week out. He’s a great captain as well and it’s becoming normal to see that now! We’ve got quality in the team and on the bench to hurt teams but it’s just finding that finishing touch that we’re just short of in the last couple of weeks."

On nine Premier League games unbeaten and four goals conceded 
"That’s the positive, definitely. As a defender I’m looking for clean sheets. We’re still undefeated, which is a great achievement and long may it continue."


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