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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Twitter clown calla Lamela a liability

This has got to be one of the most stupid comments seen in a long while, Lamela had an excellent season last season and has been excellent this season, one of our most creative players in fact.

Reason Lamela gets more hate than Eriksen. Eriksen was fantastic for 2 seasons. Lamela has had 5 okay games in 4 years. Liability.

He has had 6 assists and 2 goals in 825 minutes of football, that is an intervention that results in a team goal every 103 minutes. He took his time to get his head into gear but Pochettino has sorted him out and because he has now set standards, when he is perceived to have a poor game he is made the scapegoat it seems.

Some fans just love to spend all their time moaning about the team, they need to look in the mirror.



  1. He hasn't been great he's been utter shit. You're the clown not the other guy. You can't even spell your headline properly. There are a lot more people critiscing Lamela than praising him. If he wasn't an Argie like Pochettino he wouldn't be anywhere near the team. He's a total waste of £30m just like Sissoko.

  2. Agree with Stoney, tries to beat 3 or 4 players always loses it then fouls the guy trying to get it back. Poch brings off Son and Dele and leaves Lamela on.

  3. Yes he is a liability, takes unreasonable risks, gives the ball away, frequently fouls, ...... someone ask Poch why he is on the team sheet every week. Again this week, as soon as Lamela had the ball, I was worried that he would lose the ball, give away a free kick, get sent off.......liability

  4. Agree, I'd drop Lamela in a heartbeat, he's a liability, constantly throwing himself into reckless tackles and losing the ball. Way too inconsistent, he is the weak link in the team.

  5. Lamela has had an excellent season?
    Well, most good judges would disagree.
    He's ponderous, wasteful, has far too high an opinion of himself and makes stupid decisions which earn him way too many yellow cards.
    Coco by name. Clown by nature.
    A complete buffoon and I, for one, have had enough of him.
    I don't care that Edwards is small, too young and inexperienced... he has to be better than this self-opinionated cockhead.

    1. Love the fact so many morons on here think they know more than Poch. LOL! These are idiots who were hating on Kane 2 seasons ago.



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