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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

This has an 81.8% chance of happening on Saturday


Next up for us is West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns on Saturday 15 October at 3pm if the afternoon UK time.

It is one of our banana skin games.

We have only won 4 out of 12 there and we often come away with a score draw. In the Premier League era 72.7% of games with WBA at home have been draws at half-time and we have won 45.5% of second half games with WBA winning 19.2% and the remaining 36.4% being draws.

The statistics would suggest we will be level at half-time with a good chance of getting a win in the xecond period. The first goal of the match is heavily weighted to the first half, which indicates we often concede as well as scoring.

36.4% of games are drawing at half-time and full-time, while 27.3% of games are a draw at half-time with Tottenham winning at full-time with WBA playing at home. In 90.9% of the games there are 2 goals or more and in 36.4% of games 3 goals or more.

In 81.8% of home games against Tottenham WBA score, in 36.4% they score 2 or more and in 9.1% they score 3 or more. We also score in 81.8% of away games at The Hawthorns, in 38.4% we score 2 or more and in 36.4% we score 3 or more.

Both teams score in 63.6& of Premier League games with the same percentage of games having 2 or 3 goals. In 72.7% of games there is an even number of goals.

In all the Premier League games away to WBA we have only been leading at half-time in 9.1% of them, yet 45.5% we end up winning.

There is an 81.8% chance of Tottenham drawing or winning on Saturday.

I trust a few of these statistics might help you make a profit out of the game as well as hopefully watching us notch up another victory away from home.


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  1. You do know we've only conceded 3 goals in the Premiership, don't you ?



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