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Friday, 14 October 2016

The referee was biased

The referee was biased

Vincent Janssen spoke to Voetbal International after Holland lost 1-0 to France and were denied a clear penalty for hand ball. Striker Vincent Janssen who had scored in the previous international, a 4-1 victory over Belarus.

"I have no doubt in my mind, I think it was one hundred percent a penalty. "If that is not a penalty, I do not know what is. I had the feeling that he was after us the whole game in one way or another. That will not have been aware, but he whistled certainly not to our advantage. 
"You're left empty-handed. That sucks, but you have to take out the positive things for the next matches. We have given little away today, just a shot from 25-metres in the first half. In the end we went for all or nothing play and we got some chances. How we played as a team today, we can be proud of."

I think as fans we can all relate to those words. There have been games where referees seem to favour one side. Certainly in the England game, Slovenia shouldn't have finished with 11 men on the field. There are certainly cases, and we have benefitted too, of players being on a yellow card and the referee simply giving fouls and ignoring the severity of the foul to keep a player on the pitch. 

That is quite apart from blatantly wrong decisions like John O'Shea not getting sent off for Manchester United in the 2009 League Cup Final, a decision that clearly affected the result.


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