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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sturridge too selfish for Spurs


Sturridge too selfish for Spurs

Injury prone Daniel Sturridge is reported to want to leave Liverpool with Tottenham mentioned as a possible destination as we are playing each other tonight. It is the usual sort of lazy story games between two sides produce. How many time have we seen an article where one player wants to leave, the other is suggested and the move actually happens. Very rare.

He likes to play central and not out wide, but if you watched him closely in his last England game, he was far too selfish. Once he had the ball the rest of the team didn't seem to exist for him. He wasn't looking to see if there were better options and in an intricate passing side that is a serious problem.

He can't get regular starts for Liverpool and their style is similar to ours, a high pressing game, albeit a slightly different style. Sturridge did look a decent player a few years back, but at 27 (18 next September) time isn't really on his side. His game would have to be developed, the big question is, how long would that take and is he one to want to improve his game? Without knowing what his mentality is to how Pochettino wants to develop Spurs it is hard to make a solid case for buying him.


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