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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Stark difference between England and Spurs

There is a stark difference between the mage and the way England and Spurs go about things.

If you look at Spurs now we are a professional unit, we have orchestrated contract signings to maximise media exposure, the players have become closer to the fans and celebrate goals in a greater way with them, players take more time to thank away supporters now, mentally we act like winners and not triers, there is a huge mental difference.

Our whole philosophy is of standards, winning and being professional while enjoying ourselves.

England is a mess, it's a laughing stock in world football as former international striker Alan Shearer pointed out. We appoint a manager merely to save money who is so clueless we lose to Iceland, then appoint a manager who has only ever coached 1970's boot the ball upfield football, who the whole industry knows is money orientated.

The media all knew what Allardyce was up to, the stink took place because they knew he would go for it, not to just test him out. In his interview Allardyce said a man he had known for 30 years did this. Why in heavens name had the FA not done their homework on the man and if they had why did they ignore it?

The FA continually appoint the wrong man and we are now in a situation where there are hardly any candidates. A national manager needs to be in his 60's with a wealth of experience and the only three men around who could possibly fit the bill for the job right now are Glenn Hoddle, Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger. I don't think the FA should look anywhere else.

It isn't just pundits who see England as a laughing stock, Danny Rose says he feels that way too.

"It's hard to say but I agree a bit [with Shearer], with a manager losing his job after one game. I don't want to say it's a mess, but it's not nice for English football. It's not good in any sense and whatever stance the FA take after the four games, I hope the next England manager will be one for the long term and help us to improve a bit in tournaments. Everyone, the players, the manager and all the staff, we've got to take it on ourselves to try to lift the opinion of English football over the next few games."

The trouble is the problem extends from the FA and the people running it, they seem to want yes men at the moment and we now have an interim national manager who has never yet successfully managed anything. England Under-21's don't play any opposition until they reach a major final and then we flop every time, we did in the last European Championships under Southgate. That failure has now been rewarded.

The mentality behind that is appalling, it a failure mentality, you think of England, you think of failure. Other countries have the same problems we have, yet they don't approach things in the way we do. The FA is full of people who are not up with the modern game and modern sports science. They come from a time when it hardly existed and we need people running the FA who are in tune with today's world.

Until there is a change in FA personnel, I don't see the England fortunes changing in any way. If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results. The FA keep doing the same thing.


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