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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Stadium seating

The diagram below shows the angle of the seating in the new stadium compared with grounds like Manchester City and Arsenal. Adding to this is the fact that our crowd will be closer to the pitch than other fans.

Q: What is the distance of each stand from the pitch? How does this compare with other new stadiums in the UK?

A: The new stadium has been designed to bring fans closer to the pitch that at any other modern stadium in the country. The first row of seats will be less than 8 metres from the touchline all the way around the ground – even closer for our singe-tier ‘home end’ which will be under 6 metres – compared with over 12 metres at the City of Manchester Stadium, over 13 metres at the Emirates Stadium and 18 metres at Wembley National Stadium.



  1. And 3 miles at the amazing "London Stadium" ������

  2. Do you have a high res of the seating diagram? One where you can read the text, I'd love to see it. Or a URL link to where you got it from?
    What does the green seating represent?

  3. Do you know where I can see a version of the seating cross-section where it's possible to read the text? The one you've posted is difficult to read any of the text. What is the light green stand representing?



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