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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Spurs changing opinions

Tottenham have surprised everybody, well not everyone, but most people. They see us as totally reliant on Harry Kane, Mousa Dembele or Eric Dier.

That is short-sighted. Punditry is the easiest profession in the world. You can change your opinion from week to week and it doesn't matter a jot. Most pundits say nothing, they will always tell you the perceived better team will win. How many times do you hear a pundit say a Watford or a Stok City will take points off Manchester United or any other big team? Once in a blue moon, if ever.

Mark Lawrensen has predicted 7 Manchester United victories in 7 games so far. ESPN pundit Alejandro Moreno predicted we would struggle without Kane and would really struggle to hold on to a top four place, now he says we are better than Arsenal.

Charlie Nicholas has revised his opinion and now predicts we will finish in the top four. On Sky Sports he said the Tottenham performance was the performance of the weekend, which few would argue with.

“It was the performance of the weekend. Mauricio Pochettino’s side were at it right from the first whistle, they squeezed City and forced them into situations where their defence looked nervous.

"You could see the panic in Aleksandar Kolarov’s face for his own goal. It was a first-class display and must give them even greater belief considering they were missing Harry Kane.”



  1. Where's the rest of the article, it felt like it was building up to something then it just ended.



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