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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Spurs bid for Isco could be thwarted


It looks as though Tottenham might be thwarted in our quest to sign Isco in January and beat off the competition for him if his comments are anything to go by.

“If I’ve still only made a few appearances by the end of the season, I’ll look elsewhere. At 24 years of age I have to right to better myself”.

That does rather indicate that he will be staying at Real Madrid until the end of the year, but no doubt in the meantime there will be another phone call from Mauricio Pochettino to try and convince him to change his mind.

Tottenham have to use the tools at their disposal to convince him and that means qualifying form our UEFA Champions League group and maintaining a realistic title challenge for the Premier League. Isco will want to know he is going to a club who will challenge consistently and attain Champions League football consistently.

Games like the one against WBA on Saturday are important for more than just three points, we have to keep our name associated with being at the top of the league and develop our reputation to help us attract the players we want.


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