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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Solid, but is solid enough?

Ben Davies is a different player to Danny Rose, he doesn't have the same attacking qualities and is more of a defensive full-back. Last night N'Koudou was at times having to drop deep to collect the ball in positions you would normally see Danny Rose. That has a knock-on affect.

We have been linked with a few full-backs are closely watching Ryan Sessegnon, a player more in the Rose mold, although he has very little experience. Since the reported Chelsea interest, his performances seem to be up and down. You wonder whether he is being mentally affected by the rumours and of course we don't know if Conte has made a phone call to him to outline the plans he has for him, if the rumours of interest are genuine.

Generally, he has been a solid player overall and a decent backup to Danny Rose. He has played 4 Premier League games so has been a part of our unbeaten start, a couple of UEFA Champions League games and a couple of League Cup games.

If we signed someone like 16-year-old (17 next May) Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham then he would need time to develop so Davies as a backup would still be required. If we signed someone like 19-year-old (20 in December) Ben Chillwell from Leicester City then we wouldn't.

I can't see his future being decided until the summer though and he still has a big part to play in the remainder of the season. he'll certainly have better games than he had last night, but it wasn't a disastrous performance by any means.


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