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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sat can put pressure on Man Utd and Liverpool

Why do the media so love to go overloard, is it because they don't really know what they are talking about? A month ago there were people talking about them going the season unbeaten, which was plain stupid.

once again they were seduced by a name and a chequebook. I despair with such closet thinking. Spurs were at the same time written off because no marquee signing had been made. It amazes me that people stay in a job where they get so much wrong about their specialist subject, although in truth their specialist subject is journalism, not football.

This is not a time for Tottenham fans to fear anyone, we are their footballing equals at the moment, it is a time for them to be concerned playing us and we have to reinforce that on Saturday at The Hawthorns. These are the games we must win, forcing others to match pace with us. A result will put pressure on Liverpool and Manchester United, who play each other at Anfield on Monday.

Former Arsenal centre-back martin Keown thought we would finish in the top four before last week, he was in the minority. Let's hope he is right.


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