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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Renaming station is about marketing the club


On the face of it paying £12-million to have a station renamed from White Hart Lane to Tottenham Hotspur seems a lot. However, the is every sign and map to change, reprint and post so it mounts up.

The renaming is all about marketing. It raises the question about White Hart Lane though, are we trying to disassociate ourselves from the name in preparation of naming rights for the new stadium?

Adding a sponsors name onto White Hart Lane would be somewhat difficult, cumbersome and doesn't give the focus to the sponsor that they want. Removing White Hart Lane altogether elevates that problem.

As well as a station name change - A section of WHL(Road) from the current station entrance to Tottenham High Rd will also be renamed.

In addition, the name change promotes the football club, it's name would be everywhere and would be ideal for new tourists to London who have come as a result of watching an NFL game for instance to find us.

It puts the club name in the consciousness and once the connection is made the subconscious brain will always keep the name associated with the club each time it sees the name on a map. This association is how new fans are built. People pick a team to follow for a reason, be it their Dad, or a player they like, there is an association there.

If you are following the lead of your father it is because of the association you have with him, the subconscious brain automatically works you towards pleasure and away from pain, thus your brain works you towards the bond your father has with the club.

Whilst we all love the name White Hart Lane, I can see where the marketing boys are coming from on this one.


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