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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Points Prediction and Passing Information

What is Tottenham's most common pass this season so far?
Answer: Jan Vertonghen to Toby Alderweireld

For our opponents WBA on Saturday it is Dawson to Phillips from the back down the left-hand side.

A couple of decent graphics have appeared on Twitter recently one on where each team passes into the opposition box from, a useful thing to know and one that shows the Sporting Index prediction of how the season will go and each weeks adjustments. We have taken a jump but they still have us finishing sixth.

Attacking profiles in the Premier League. Passes into opposition area from outside (16/17 so far). Bigger here.

Markets think Liverpool have had the best start, and still don't like Spurs *that* much. West Ham already 13 points down on pre-season view.


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