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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Opinions changed on Rose

Danny Rose is another player who some Spurs fans have had to change their opinion about. He is now the first choice England left-back and was Graham Roberts man of the Match against Bayer Leverkusen.

Previously he had a tendency to lunge into tackles but Mauricio Pochettino has worked on that aspect of his game making him stay on his feet more and save the lunge for when the time is right. He now has the help in front of him that wasn't a;ways evident before. He doesn't get as exposed as much now and is thus under less pressure.

As part of the meanest defence in the Premier League he still finds time to play like a winger and frequently join in attacks. When he used to do that before you would see him jog back, now he seems to time when to go forward better and gets back quicker.

And what a player Danny Rose now is fantastic my man of match

Danny Rose - I have never moved farther from a hate to love position on any player. One of the best LBs we've ever had.


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