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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Money for old rope

The graphic below from My Football Facts shows where BBC pundit Mark Lawfensen thinks the points should have gone this season. The table is compiled of his prediction before the games and is very revealing.

In a couple of articles prior to the Manchester City game I wrote how underappreciated we were by pundits and some of our own supporters alike.

Mark Lewrensen is a former Liverpool centre-half who is a clueless pundit. According to him Manchester United should have won all of the games. Why? They have a new manager who isn't superman, new players who have yet to learn his system or learn to play together and a bunch of players he doesn't want.

He is either thinking their name means they win games or he is a chequebook pundit. The amount he is paid he should be assessing every game in detail to establish what might happen, not simply rolling up giving a bland opinion the bigger side will always win and collecting his cash. Money for old rope.

Hull City apparently shouldn't have any points, Watford aren't much better apparently and West Han United should be level with Tottenham, who of course should be well below Liverpool, only over recent seasons we never are.

He has failed to grasp what was obvious to most, that Leicester City winning was a freak and lightening does not strike twice.

The media should keep a record of pundit predictions and how accurate they are and produce articles or ask questions on air why they have got certain things so wrong.


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