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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mentality management improving

At 100 metres by 67 metres, Tottenham had the smallest pitch in the Premier League last season. While we struggled in our first game on the larger Wembley pitch, every ground we played at away from home was larger, many the size of our new stadium so the size isn't an issue for our style of play.

We beat Manchester City at their place last season and their pitch is larger than Wembley so our pressing game and our passing game works equally as well as it does at White Hart Lane.

The Etihad Stadium - 116.5 x 78 yards - 8932 sq.yards
White Hart Lane- 110 x 73 yards - 8030 sq.yards
Wembley 115 yd (105 m) x 75 yd (69 m)

Against Bayer Leverkusen we will have to handle the occasion better than we did against Monaco in the opening fixture. I wrote before the game of my fears that some might be enjoying the occasion, or experiencing the occasion rather than the task at hand, winning a football match.

It was another lesson to be learned and one that Mauricio Pochettino will have addressed and will address when the players return from the international break. The players mentality affected the result, which is going to happen from time to time, but their mentality management is improving. We are a more consistent side than we were three years ago.

You look at a player like Nacer Chadli and he had a great season, but at times after that he didn't seem to be at the races, there are few players if any in the squad who have shown that this season. Even the youngsters who have come in like Harry Winks have produced the goods.


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